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DIY Wildflower Seed Paper

Helping Hands! Making wildflower seed paper is an awesome activity and you can share some inspiration for making more wildlife friendly areas with friends, family and neighbours by giving it as gifts!

It can be a two day activity if you spend a couple of hours cutting and shredding your paper and leave it to soak overnight! A shredding machine will obviously work much faster than using scissors but scissor use is good for children’s fine motor skills development and co-ordination, it can also be quite mindful, you can chat and relax as you do it!

What you will need!

A newspaper or magazine to cut up or shred

Wildflower Seeds

A Large Bowl


A Mixing Spoon

A Sieve

Food Colouring (optional)

Cookie Cutters or Silicone Baking Moulds

How to make it!

We can Reuse newspaper or magazines to make paper clay by cutting or shredding them. Then soak the paper in a bowl with water overnight, pressing out the water the next day – I used a large sieve. are a good source for
Wildflower Seeds

Seperate batches and add food colouring at this stage if you want to make different colours!

Add seeds from your pack.

Then press the paper pulp it in to your cookie cutter or silicone moulds and allow to dry for 48 hours. If you make the paper pulp a few millimetres thick it will be easier to release from the moulds and be stronger to handle. Once your seed paper is dry it is fun to take it out and plant it somewhere to grow or send to friends and family in the post!!! Your shapes will look great attached to a card to make a greeting! Well done! Wildflowers will help Birds and attract Pollinators such as Butterflies and Moths, Bees and other insects. Wildflowers can also improve soil health!

To learn more about Birds, Butterflies, Moths, Bees and other pollinators take a look at the following awesome websites for information:

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