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Biscuit Baking Solar Oven Fun!

We are enjoying some glorious sunshine in England at the moment – so here is a fun activity to try using solar power on sunny days where you are – Wow!


  • A small shoe box
  • A large box that the shoe box will fit inside plus packaging
  • Packaging – the idea is to create insulation – so you can explore using newspaper, fleece, polythene and other non easily recyclable packaging or spare materials around the home! (you could make more than one and see which combination is the most effective as part of your experiment!)
  • Tape
  • Black paper to line the shoe box
  • Glue Stick
  • Repurposed Clear plastic to create a viewing window (from again most likely an online purchase!)
  • Scissors


  1. First line the shoe box with black paper, glue in place.
  2. Place insulation packaging in the bottom of the larger box and add the shoe box in the centre.
  3. Build up the packaging around the shoe box, as in the photo below!

4. Seal up the shoe box with tape and a piece of clear plastic so you can keep viewing the progress of your cookies!

5. Seal up the outer box with tape and place in your sunniest spot! Be prepared to change the angle as the sun moves! You can also increase reflection of the sun by using aluminium foil to create a ‘bounce shield’ as in the photo above.

6. Last but not least keep an eye on your cookies but be prepared for it to take all day or maybe even 2-3 consecutive sunny days! (What materials you use for insulation are the key here and thin cookies will be faster to bake too) You can look forward to doing a taste test to compare how a conventional oven bakes them to your outdoor solar oven! Have fun and Take a selfie to share! 😁 xx

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