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Jam Jar Lanterns

Glass jars can make beautiful lanterns and what a fun craft activity too!


  • Glass Jar (we used a 280g utta nutta peanut butter jar)
  • Tissue Paper
  • PVA/water based craft glue
  • Glue Brush
  • Paper Scissors
  • Wire 50cms approximately
  • Pliers
  • Beads
  • Jewels/Bio glitter (optional)

First clean and remove sticky labels from your glass jar and dry it.

Choose the colours you would like to decorate your jar with and cut some shapes to apply to the outer surface of the jar with glue.

Tissue paper is not completely opaque so once we have our night light in our finished jar, the light can shine through! If you don’t have tissue paper you may like to use drawings you or your children have made.

You could also use Sharpie or craft marker pens that work on glass. Black paper cut in silhouettes of a theme you like also look effective!

Brush an even layer of glue to the outer surface of your jar and start to lay the paper shapes flat on the surface!

If they overlap this is fine, you just add to the lovely colour selection available to enjoy once your project is complete!

Apply all the way around and up to the rim of your jar and then turn it over and apply to the base. Leave to dry!

Once dry – measure the wire around your jar and enough wire to form a handle you will be adding beads to, plus enough to twist a finish at the end of the rim and the end of the handle so the beads and wire don’t fall off!

About 50cms was right for the 280g jars we were using.

The jars don’t need to have the wire and beads to still function as a lantern if you don’t have them available!

Once you have threaded on your beads to make a handle and finished off the end of the wire with pliers you may like to add a border of glitter – you can use the same glue to brush a layer on and sprinkle the glitter over. You can use a bowl or plate underneath to catch the excess glitter and reuse.

You can also put some glitter inside your jar if you are using battery operated night lights! Othe wise use a little play sand so you can sit a candle night light in there!

Well done! Your lantern is finished – enjoy the way the sunshine and light falls through the beautiful colours! The glitter also reflects nicely on the surface it sits on! Happy crafting! Xxx

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