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DIY Textured Bunting

Paper and crayons are the two materials needed for this fun activity that can be enjoyed by one or more of you!

Become texture detectives and hunt down attractive textures from nature and from indoors and outdoors!

There maybe lots outside for you to take a wax crayon rubbing from – tree bark, the reverse of different leaves – it’s good to experiment and explore what might make the most satisfying and effective texture impression on your paper!

Hold the paper on top of the texture and use the flat side of your crayon to rub over the texture, keeping the pressure even. You will see the magic pattern start to emerge on your paper!

You can take paper and crayons out with you in a little bag or back pack on a walk and capture some textures too! You could keep them in an envelope or folder.

Man made embossed surfaces make effective rubbings such as grids, stone paving or bricks as do some Children’s toy items such as the Thomas track master, infact you could even try capturing the impression of an engine in profile!

Tissue paper and contrasting colours look attractive, tissue paper also seems to like to adhere to the surface of your textures with minimum effort!

It doesn’t matter if you can only find one or two textures, changing the colour of your crayon will give you a different look!

If you want to use one colour and one texture, your rubbing can be cut into a variety of shapes at the end! Your choice!

You could reference your shapes from your child’s favourite story or silhouette’s of the family including any pets!

My daughter and I enjoyed looking at the textures and rather like when you can spot shapes of familiar things in the clouds we used the textures, colours and shapes of our collection to inform our end shapes and my daughter added a few details in pen to one or two items!

For example a little car profile got windows where there may have been a tear in the paper! She made me a Snowy Owl like Hedwig from Harry Potter as I’m a Hedwig fan!

As we were in the garden we had to make a snail! You can reflect the seasons through your shapes or just do a combination of symbols in silhouette relating to things in your life! We even included a couple of Space Invaders! Call us pop artists!

Enjoy the different parts of the process!

Once you have a collection of shapes you can make them into bunting – we used a laminator and pouches to make it more weatherproof for outdoors and a hole punch for the holes.

You don’t have to have a laminator you can iron the pouches with the iron very quickly if they are protected between two sheets of cardboard. Have the iron on a setting suitable for synthetics, iron from the sealed end of the pouch to the open end as you would place it through a laminator- you can check your progress on the lamination to see if areas need extra heat.

We also used inspiration for shapes from completing the minature treasure hunt also found on the blog as I had come across a small animal bone for my match box that surprised us all!

Your shapes can be strung together and used without lamination too! They can decorate a bike, shed, Wendy House, Bedroom, a place for a toy to sleep, tree in the garden, den, garden umbrella or trellis or be given as a gift!

I think we may well use ours to keep birds away from our vegetable patch! Awesome! Xxx

This activity takes inspiration from ‘Nature Rubbings’ in ‘101 Things For Kids To Do Outside’ by Dawn Isaac published by Kyle Books

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