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Mini Treasure Hunt!

A super game to play outdoors or indoors with astonishing results!

Match boxes make great treasure chests, (if full empty into something and return them later!) or choose something small such as a snack box or as I write this during the Covid Virus lockdown use a cardboard toilet roll tube for example, something you might have duplicates of from your recycling bin and seal with paper and tape at one end.

Allow yourselves 15 minutes to hunt for items to fill your match box, as many as you can fit in!

Then add up your points, one for each single item! My daughter was determined to better my husband and found an awesome 33 items. Both adults drew a tie coincidently at 17!

Have fun creating your own scores! See if you can improve on ours! It is nice to decorate the boxes too, this also helps identify them and adds to the activity! We used washi tape Xxx

This activity was selected by my daughter from ‘101 Things for Kids To Do Outside’ By Dawn Isaac published by Kyle Books.

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