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Easter Craft Ideas

Setting The Scene, Easter Basket Ideas, Miniature Gardens or Table Centre Pieces, Simple Food Presentation, Egg Decorating and Easter Hat Ideas drawn from around the web!

How about using a cereal box to make into a lovely basket to paint or decorate before going on your egg hunt!?

You can easily store the cereal without it or use it for your cereal again after to make it look even more appetising at breakfast time!!

Or how about wellies to collect your eggs? Or a pick up truck? Love the ambition but I was thinking of a toy pick up truck :> Failing this pockets, yes your deepest pockets will ensure any eggs you find whilst hunting will not go astray and you can also have them on hand for a quick bite on the way around!

A link to 50 ways to decorate eggs – I particularly like the use of silk ties/scarves – very effective and a nice one for grown ups and older children! Alternatively using shaving foam squirted in to cup cake moulds plus a few drops of gel food colouring, put your eggs in the foam and food colouring and leave for a little while before rinsing off the shaving foam to reveal lovely colourful eggs!
To empty an egg use a pin to make a hole in one end, then allow to empty into a bowl for use later or hard boil them, decorate them and use as normal.

Happy Easter! Happy Crafting!

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