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Recycle Newspaper and Magazines in to pots to grow Seedlings!

This is a great science, multi sensory and craft activity rolled into one! Using materials you can find at home!

Have a look at this little video and read below to first make your pots. Children will love the pot making, planting and subsequent watering!

Depending on the level of self sufficiency and sustainability you have involved in your lifestyle there may be a need to buy compost but seeds can be generated from food scraps if you find them hard to come across! Below left: Seeds from sieving a homemade smoothie, with Blackberries and Strawberries – rinsed and dried. You can also experiment planting strawberry tops where seeds are still in the fruit. Online sources vary in opinion but what germinates is probably a top with a seed still present. You can always try planting an apple seed in regular soil and make it a science and gardening experiment! This activity will suit a variety of ages! Take photos of the stages that can be shared with family and friends and for your children!

I am including some science explainers from a lovely book called the ‘Junior Illustrated Science Dictionary’ published by Usborne Books. 



The book has fabulous pictorial explainers covering Germination, parts of a seed and how to read the signs and respond to when your seedlings might need a little extra help!

Plant Know How - Reading the Signs To Improve Plant Healthcare


Children could become seed doctors that day and can have fun giving them names and prescriptions and keep a record or diary of their progress! All lovely!

Plant Health & Plant Life Cycles

Your children will also be picking up great life skills at the same time! How to generate their own source of food as well as literacy, numeracy, science and emotional literacy, gardening as a source of wellbeing and harmony! Learning about nature and biodiversity key to our survival on planet Earth!

If you need something more – plug in to would-be life on Mars!

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