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Gaspard The Fox – Story Sharing plus a Story Shared!

Please enjoy a story reading of the delightful introduction to ‘Gaspard The Fox’ by Zeb Soanes and James Mayhew, published by Graffeg Ltd.

My daughter loves foxes and this book was a present from Father Christmas! Does the child or children you know have a favourite animal? Most likely! If they have more than one you are on to a winner!

Children can enjoy dressing up and reading a story to a family member or friend or think up their own story by either drawing some pictures and adding some simple captions or writing some simple sentences and accompanying them with pictures, it could be their favourite animal or one you like or a relative likes and it could be done as a gift!

They can enjoy reading the story to someone and recording it or if there are a number of children (and adults) do one each, you can even enjoy some time putting your costume together from things you can find around the home! Just don’t argue about who has what – I know it’s exciting! Use what you can find and have fun! There will be no laundry left and we know that tea towels come in handy! Hats are easily made with paper and tape, glue or folding! Use the comments to let me know about your stories or if you enjoyed mine and what your favourite books and animals are, plus any you would like me to read! If animals are not the theme of the day choose multiple themes that suit your families interests even vehicles! Children can often be easily encouraged to do some performing and once tried they will soon be repeating it independently possible even with their toys for small world play! xxx

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