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Soft Toy Hide and Seek

Little Blooms can use their toy collection for a super game of hide and seek! Outdoors or indoors!

They will love assembling them all and have the chance to order them by number, first by writing out the numbers 1 – 10 (or more! My son likes to throw in a few ‘big numbers’! Number 100 or 1000)

Participants can cut out the number labels and tape them to the toys, this also enables you and them to keep track of any unfound toys at the end!!! This is great scissor skills practice and great numeracy practice!

  • The toys can be hidden in any order and the children enjoy organising their own game in this way
  • They may want you to hide them for them especially if there are no other siblings, friends or relatives around and they may like to hide them for you to find too!

Use a bag, basket or sack to distribute the toys to their hiding places and collect them up again. Record your child’s efforts with photos, the toys look especially cute hidden in a cupboard or a tree and your children will love to see them as part of their memories and show friends or relatives following the game.

You children also may like to have a ‘picnic’ with the toys after or talk about their adventures. Your children can draw pictures to tell the story of the game and form captions or simple sentences to make a book!

Later that evening you may like to read them a related story such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ written Michael Rosen or ‘Everyone Hide from Wibbly Pig’ by Mick Inkpen, if you don’t have copies, you may find the stories being told online! If your child has made their own story up you could read this at bed time or the night after!

The ‘Go on a Bear Hunt’ game or “Soft Toy Hide and Seek’ as I have called it comes from the Book ‘101 Things for Kids to Do Outside’ by Dawn Isaac published by Kyle Books. Dawn does not include numbering the toys but I have – it extends the play time and builds in great skills practice, without the need for tears or forgetfulness at the end! I have also included the follow up activities and story reading. Happy Hunting!

You will need:

Soft Toys, Tape such as Sello Tape, Paper, Pen and Scissors, Bag or Basket to collect and put out toys (optional)

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